Importance of Assembly

Arise International School
Importance of Assembly

19 Mar 2024

Arrival at school, means a fresh start, which takes place through our Morning Assembly. It's a time when everyone is keen to hear key announcements and updates. Assembly is lead by our students. Healthy mind develops healthy body, hence we begin with physical exercise. All of us practice warm up exercise, fitness exercises, spot jogging, etc. which rejuvenates the students' minds and energy and helps them to jumpstart their minds. Then comes daywise and language wise prayer, which is the cleanest technique to link a calm and composed mind ready to preach humanity. The assembly's procedures are strictly adhered to. Meditation is a fantastic way to introspect or discover inner serenity. We've all developed a culture of mediating at the start and end of the day. Every thoughtful mind need a stop during work or study. Student-led assemblies help kids gain confidence and rise to daily obstacles while also providing regular updates.

Teacher Ms.
Pratiksha Chavan