Arise International Schoola

“Today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader.”

School Library is one such place where all children love to go for they get to tap their hunger reading something out of the textbook.

ARISE has developed an expansive Library with age appropriate titles in the ratio of 1:5 per child in various categories viz. fiction, non-fiction, magazines, newspaper, reference books and encyclopaedia to stimulate the reading habits of children from a tender age. The school library has aesthetically designed library with internet connection. It has separate Reading Room with sufficient ventilation.

The furniture is conducive and child friendly. Staff and students are encouraged to read e-magazines, e-journals,·e- books etc. It is made sure that the Library does not contain any book or other forms of literature that espouse or propagate communal disharmony or casteism or discrimination based on religion, region or language etc. The school should not stock in the library any book disapproved by the Government/ Board.