Code of Conduct

  1. 1. AIS students are encouraged to prioritize their well-being and maintain good health.
  2. 2. We instill in them the values of politeness, courtesy, and the importance of building friendly relationships with their peers, both within and outside the school premises. Any form of bullying and the use of inappropriate language are strictly prohibited.
  3. 3. In the spirit of teamwork and cooperation, students are expected to willingly assist others and gracefully accept any tasks assigned to them.
  4. 4. Our students are guided to uphold the highest standards of conduct, refraining from any vulgarity or indecency in their words and actions. They understand that cruelty reflects poorly on character, while kindness is a hallmark of a true Human being
  5. 5. They are taught to exercise caution when approached by strangers, refraining from accepting unwarranted gifts or rides from unknown individuals. The ability to say 'NO' to any wrongdoing is encouraged and applauded.
  6. 6. Students are entrusted with the responsibility of caring for school property. They are expected to treat school furniture, walls, and all school belongings with respect and refrain from any actions that may cause damage.
  7. 7. Punctuality and regular attendance are highly regarded, and any lateness or missed classes will result in negative points for the student's house.
  8. 8. We take pride in our school uniform and encourage our students to do the same.
  9. 9. Our students are taught to hold their school in high esteem and take pride in singing the AIS Anthem and the National Anthem as a mark of respect and honor.
  10. 10. School Id card is mandatory so make sure to carry it everyday. If lost or broken need to procure again at a cost of 250 /- from School office. You may receive it in 7 days post payment.

Certainly, here's a rephrased version of the content with improved language:

  1. 1. To be eligible for examinations and academic awards, all students are required to maintain a minimum attendance of 75% before each examination. Failure to meet this attendance requirement will affect their promotion and eligibility for academic honors.
  2. 2. Students who have been ill must produce a medical certificate to their class teacher, together with a signed leave application from their parents, when they return to school.
  3. 3. Students who were absent the previous day are required to submit a letter from their parents to the class teacher, explaining the reason for their absence before being admitted to class.
  4. 4. Permission for out-of-town leave should be requested to the Principal. We recommend using the School Planner available on the web to plan any leave and avoiding long leaves as the school will not be responsible for academic loss during this time.
  5. 5. In the event of an emergency, parents will be promptly informed, and they should report to the front desk. Access to classrooms directly is not permitted.
  6. 6. Regular attendance is essential for students' academic progress. Students returning to school after recovering from an infection or contagious disease must provide a doctor's fitness certificate permitting their return.
  7. 7. Specific diseases require a quarantine period before resuming school:
    • Chicken Pox: Until the scabs fall off completely
    • Cholera: Until the child has fully recovered
    • Measles: Two weeks after the rash disappears
    • Mumps: Until the swelling has subsided
    • Whooping Cough: Six weeks
    • Jaundice: Six weeks
  8. 8. Unexplained absence for more than 15 consecutive days, or repeated absence without leave, may result in the student's name being removed from the school rolls. Re-admission will be considered upon payment of a fresh admission fee.
    Students who miss their First Term/Second Term or both assessments due to illness or unforeseen circumstances will not be permitted to retest, as well as won’t be considered for being promoted in the next class. Such requests made by parents will not be considered. If the student have attended weekly tests regularly, the average result would be considered.
  9. 9. If a student becomes ill during a test, they may still attend; however, supervision will be provided separately to prevent infection from spreading to others. However, no consideration for exception would be entertained.

Students who miss their First Term and Second Term assessments due to illness or unforeseen circumstances may still be eligible for school badges at the discretion of the Principal. However, they will not qualify for proficiency awards.

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  1. 1. Complete the detail profiling the student on the portal.
  2. 2. Students should be neatly dressed. The school uniform is to be worn on all working days. It is mandatory for the students to wear their identity card everyday.
  3. 3. Boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals. Girls should plait their hair if it is below their shoulders. Short hair should be neatly combed and pinned.
  4. 4. Students are expected to respect the property of others. This includes respect for school property. No student should damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls, furniture or in any way damage things that belong to others. Damage done, even by accident, should be reported at once to the Class Teacher or the Principal. Any damage done will be made good by the one who causes it.
  5. 5. Students should be pote wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet their teachers when they meet them. Bullying or use of foul language are punishable offences.
  6. 6. The school reserves the right to suspend or take strict discipnary action against a student whose digence or progress in studies is constantly unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students.
  7. 7. As far as possible, once a child has come to school, he /she should not be asked to come home on half day’s leave.
  8. 8. Students should get their report cards signed by their parents/ guardians within two days of the receipt of the report cards. If lost, a fine will be imposed.
  9. 9. Students must attend all the periods. They will not be allowed to miss any class.
  10. 10. Nobody should indulge in any of the following practices :-
    1. a) Spitting in or near the school building.
    2. b) Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property.
    3. c) Smoking.
    4. d) Any form of gambling/gaming.
    5. e) Rowdy and rude behaviour, using foul language.
    6. f) Use of violence in any form.
    7. g) Casteism, communalism or practice of untouchabity.
  11. 11. The observance of rules of discipline, of the school and good behaviour is an essential condition to a student’s continuance in the school. In case a student violates the school rules or indulges in any form of indiscipne, strict action ke expulsion / suspension will be taken against the student. The key to good health is to eat right, exercise right and treat each other right.