Extracurricular Activities

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Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities & School Events

All learning doesn’t happen in a formal set structure of school classrooms. Children acquire many new knowledge and skills in an informal way. Keeping the goal of developing 21st century skills AIS has designed the School Almanac in such a way that it balances academics and co-curricular activities seamlessly.

A beautiful Thematic Annual Calendar integrating various events and celebrations is designed to meet the objective of honing 21st century skills. Accordingly special assemblies and events are planned and executed. These activities help children to acquire and explore their innate potentials in Leadership, Public Speaking, Dramatics, Drawing, Colouring, Designing & Decorations and culminating in learning event management skills.

They also enhance children’s interpersonal relationships with their school mates and teachers as they learn to co-ordinate and collaborate with each other in the process.