Preparatory Stage

Arise International School
Stage Curriculum

Preparatory Stage Curriculum

Over 85% of a child’s cumulative brain developement occurs prior to the age of 6, indicating the critical importance of appropriate care and stimulation of the brain in the early years in order to ensure healthy brain developement and growth. At AIS, ECCE (Early Childhood Children Education) ideally consists of flexible, multi-faceted, multi-level, play-based, activity-based, and inquiry-based learning, comprising of alphabets, languages, numbers, counting, colours, shapes, indoor and outdoor play, puzzles and logical thinking, problem-solving, drawing, painting, and other visual art, craft, drama and puppetry, music, and movement.

It also includes a focus on developeing social capacities, sensitivity, good behaviour, courtesy, ethics, personal and public cleanliness, teamwork, and cooperation. The overall aim of ECCE is to attain optimal outcomes in the domains of: physical and motor developement, cognitive developement, socio-emotional-ethical developement, cultural/artistic developement, and the developement of communication and early language, literacy, and numeracy.