My Experiment with "Tension"

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My Experiment with "Tension"

19 Mar 2024

At least I would like to think that I have always been an excellent student. Even though I would study for tests and exams right up until the last minute, I would still do well on them. I never planned for a sickness, disaster, or calamity when I was studying.

The day arrived when the Grade VI final results would be announced. I wasn't sure I would perform well, therefore I was anxious. In addition, my father had accompanied me. My pulse raced as it was our turn to meet my class teacher. My teacher asked me why I hadn't performed to my full ability after taking a glance at the report card she was holding. I responded by saying that because my uncle had passed away while I was taking my examinations, I was under too much "tension."

My teacher gave me a sidelong glance and inquired as to whether I understood what the word "tension" meant. I had used it because most students my age were using it in virtually every sentence at the time, and it was a trendy word.

My Science instructor, who also taught my class, gave me an explanation of the word's significance in terms of science. She informed me that everything was in my head and that I needed to organize my studies properly to do well in any situation.

I was taken aback that day to discover that my teacher genuinely believed I could perform better. I made a self-promise to better prepare and to avoid using the word "tension."

Stress can only have an impact on your physical and mental well-being if you let it. Maintaining composure and readiness will help you stay at the top.

Head of Learning & development Team
Ms. Salome Agarwal