Spirituality & Science

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Spirituality & Science

19 Mar 2024

I'd like to provide some examples of how science and spirituality are intertwined. One of the primary, graduate, and science intercepts is the examination of nature and reality. Both spirituality and science are concerned with comprehending the fundamental nature of the cosmos. I avoid eating non-vegetarian foods because Shravan Mas is intended to be a religious celebration of Lord Shiva. While this is the spiritual interpretation of the occasion, research reveals it may have a negative impact on our digestion and immune systems.

Sanatan means "eternal" and Dharma means "holding," hence our faith is also known as Sanatan Dharma. The Sanatan Dharma promotes fasting and meditation. Our religion also encourages us to say namaste, a greeting we extend to others. When we say namaste, we clasp our two hands near our hearts, which, according to science, causes acupressure. Fasting and meditation promote discipline in our life, which is necessary for progress. Our faith and science are intertwined. When we greet each other with namaste, we bring our two hands closer to our hearts, creating acupressure. As a result, our beliefs are spiritual, while science demonstrates fact.

Ms. Aishwarya Nikumbh