One learns mathematics via practical experience.

Arise International School
One learns mathematics via practical experience.

19 Mar 2024

Since the first day I began teaching mathematics, I have thought that, while there are numerous online tools for learning the topics, they are insufficient until and until students actively participate in the process. I'm drawing on my early mathematical studies. Our teachers used a chalkboard and traditional teaching methods, which made studying mathematics difficult because students were only focused on the teacher. However, as a math teacher, I use my early experiences to help me teach math with total understanding, which is only possible when each student learns the content via personal experience and analysis. It not only piques interest, but it also makes learning mathematics more pleasurable.

For example, as part of a surface area and volume project, students can measure the total and lateral surface area of their bedrooms. This will help them to completely engage with the content and display their mastery of it.

(2) Using trigonometry, compute the height of the hall by combining its length and elevation angle.

(3) Identify the mean, median, and mode of collected data for statistical analysis.

Provide more opportunities for students to get personal knowledge of the topic matter.

Academic Head 
Mr. Ganesh Pawar