Our school received its first prize

Arise International School
Our school received its first prize

19 Mar 2024

During the Covid pandemic, schools were transferred to online learning, which was a significant upheaval in the educational system. As a newcomer to Arise School, I was tasked with mentoring kids in the "Pune Math Game-a-thon" tournament for Class VII. I had no personal connection with the pupils to demonstrate my confidence, despite the fact that it was my first flight at Arise. I was convinced we would continue to perform wonderfully! The tournament began, and the students joined wholeheartedly.

The competition was slated to end at twelve o'clock on the final day. I awoke abruptly at 4 a.m. I went online out of curiosity and discovered that one of the students was already working on the homework! As the afternoon continued, the competitiveness peaked. I was compiling and sending out new assignments till half past eleven, and the boys finished them. It was 12 p.m. when the competition ended. A student who had finished second the day before stayed awake all night to take first place with a one-point advantage. After several days, the ultimate result was disclosed. Our school won the fifth-place trophy and certificate, while I received the second-place trophy and certificate for teaching. In this way our school won its first trophy!

Mr. Santosh Vadak